Versana Essential Ultrasound System

The GE Versana Essential Ultrasound System is easy to use and easy to own. This Ultrasound Imaging Equipment is World class and designed for peace of mind. It is a complete Ultrasound solution which allows one to quickly learn for optimum use and increased productivity. This allows for clinical decision making for quick referrals and clinical correlation with utmost confidence. In addition to the many top of the line Medical Imaging Equipment we have in our Imaging portfolio, Sudabelt Medical is proud to announce that we can distribute, deliver and install this amazing Ultrasound Imaging Equipment in Nigeria.

An added benefit of the Versana Essential Ultrasound Imaging System is that you can upgrade your Ultrasound Equipment as it comes with installed software designed to:

  1. Simplify Workflow
  2. Empower Clinical Efficiency
  3. Meet evolving needs as they arise
  4. Help with increased scanning from the start

Due to the superior GE imaging technology, the Versana Essential can perform multiple roles in the clinic efficiently.

Versana Ultrasound OBGYN Exam

Ultrasound for your OB/GYN Practice

The Versana Essential ultrasound machine provides high-quality ultrasound for OB/GYN care with quality, reliability and affordability. Practical and easy to own, it delivers image quality to support prenatal exams with the detail you need for confident diagnoses. Online Scan Coach and My Trainer, backed by optional local ultrasound education* and support. Versana Essential ultrasound machine applications include ultrasound for OB/GYN measurement, SonoBiometry, and Whizz onetouch, dynamic image optimization, so you can perform ultrasound for OB/GYN exams with confidence and connect with your patients.

Versana Ultrasound for General Practice Use

Ultrasound for General Practice

The Versana Essential ultrasound machine combines quality, clinical capability, and dependability in an affordable ultrasound package. Practical and easy-to-own, the Versana Essential ultrasound machine makes workflow easy. It includes a diverse portfolio of ultrasound scan capabilities for general practice applications. The Versana Essential ultrasound machine is easy to learn, with online tools such as Scan Coach and My trainer backed by optional local ultrasound education and support to help you perform ultrasound scans with confidence and connect with your patients. You also enjoy service, robust warranty and flexible financing. Experience the peace of mind that comes from having a world class, affordable ultrasound machine.

Align yourself with our trusted ultrasound system with our reliable GE Imaging technology with sensitive Color Doppler.

You can evaluate kidney vessels, thyroid vasculature and flow in vessels including abdominal aorta, carotid and lower extremities, as well as cardiac flow.

Rapidly buid your patience comfort and confidence in you. Versana Essential Ultrasound Imaging System brings you the complete dependability.

Versana Essential Ultrasound Image
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