Cell-Dyn Emerald 22 AL

Cell Dyn Emerald 22 AL


Optical 5-part Differential Analyzer. Perfect for Small to Mid-size Laboratories & Clinics

The Abbott Cell-Dyn Emerald 22AL solution is an essential medical laboratory analyzer. It is a full performance, automated optical 5-part differential analyzer that delivers smarter results for small to mid-size clinical laboratories.

Similar to its counterpart the CELL-DYN EMERALD 22 which is also available for purchase from Sudabelt, the AL Variant is ideal as a backup system for your main laboratory or a primary system in specialty clinics or mid-size laboratories. Its compact design helps to conserve your valuable laboratory space with a small footprint and only 2 reagents, plus onboard cleaner.

Ease of Use

The Abbot cell-DYN Emerald 22 AL features proven technologies which ensure commutable results across your network. Its ease to use feature reduces hands-on time with touch-free scheduled daily maintenance, startup and shutdown. Decreases manual entry errors and help to comply by use of barcoded reagents. The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is small, compact and flexible. It turns small places into smart places and is a must have Medical laboratory Hematology analyzer.


Smart & Safe

Its smart safety features ensure user safety with a specially developed open tube sample device. Optimize hematology workflow with 50 tube load-up capacity. Prevent errors with optional tube bypass for specimens with unreadable barcodes.

With reduced budgets, shrinking laboratory space and staffing challenges, many laboratories need a Medical Laboratory analyzer that lets them work smarter with less. Moreso in countries like Nigeria where laboratory spaces can be cramped due to the need of various laboratory equipment, this will achieve much and still leave room for more equipment. The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is available for purchase from Sudabelt Medical and can be delivered anywhere in Nigeria. For more information, kindly see the Online guide.

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